Start Up Cell


Start Up Cell


The startup cell aims to achieve following objectives

  1. To develop a critical mass of motivated students & faculties with entrepreneurial orientation & skill.
  2. To build infrastructure support for innovation & early stage enterprise development and enabling access to resources & facilities at the college.
  3. To enhance in-house competency of faculties to serve mentor and advisory services to potential and early stage entrepreneurs and student innovators at the college.
  4. To strengthen the inter-department and inter-institutional linkage, incubators and other ecosystem enablers at different levels.

Our Team


  1. Dr. Pushplata (HoD, Electronics & Communication Engg Dept.)


  1. Mr. Abhishek Kumar Choudhary (Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering)
  2. Mr. Anish Kumar (Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering)


  1. Mr. Sunil Kumar Suman (Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering)
  2. Dr. Kaushal Jha (Assistant Professor, Physics)
  3. Mr. Anish Kumar (Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering)
  4. Mr. Nikhil Kumar (Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering)


  1. Office Order for the constitution of Institute Level Evaluation Committee for Startup projects
  2. Annex 1_Proposed Flowchart for Startup Funding
  3. Startup Policy for Faculty & Students

Startup Initiatives


Idea Title

Name of Student

Roll No


1 “Larneasy: The Learning Solution Suresh Kumar 17502 Mr. Sunil Kumar Suman
2 Express-Way Shopping Kumar Prabhakar 18202 Mr. Anish Kumar
3 A doctor’s appointment platform Mohit Gupta 18513
Kanchan Kumar 18504
4 Locker X Swetank Kumar 17448 Dr. Kaushal Jha
Amisha Bharti 18436
5 To connect all farmers to their buyer’s for their grains through website/mobile app Bhanu Prakash Jha 19530

 Other Activity

Satyam Swaraj (17541) was encouraged to develop an app for students and teachers with a motive to provide quick notification related to any new academic update on website and easy communication between teacher and class.

Mr. Nikhil Kumar (Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering) is mentoring the student to convert his idea into a startup.