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Name of PI/Co-PI

Name of the Project

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Project Budget

(Approx. in Rs.)

1. PI: Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Co-PI: Mr. Anshul Shekhar

Co-PI: Mr. Anish Kumar

PV fed IOT based Speed Sensorless Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive for Water Pumping

AICTE Collaborative Research Scheme (CRS) Under TEQIP

    12.64 Lakhs
2 Co-PI: Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Early Breast Cancer Cell Detection in Human Body using Microwave Imaging System

AICTE Collaborative Research Scheme (CRS) Under TEQIP    14.26 Lakhs
3   PI: Mr. Amitesh Prakash

Co-PI: Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Load Forecasting and Predictive Analysis of Power Generating Units using Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics

AKU Collaborative Research Scheme (CRS) Under TEQIP   03.00 Lakhs