Dr. Parimal Sah (Faculty)


Dr. Parimal Sah

Assistant Professor,
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

7358209468   |   [email protected]

PhD (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
MTech (National Institute of Technology Durgapur)
BTech (RVSCET Jamshedpur)
12th (JNV Hansdiha)
10th (JNV Hansdiha)
Subject Expertise
Optical Fibetr Communication
Digital System Design
Digital Signal Processing
Microelectronics IC Design and Technology
Area Of Research
Silicon Photonics
Fiber Optics
Distributed Bragg Grating
Professional Experience
One year teaching experiance at Bhagalpur College of Engineering
List Of Publications
1. Parimal Sah and B. K. Das, "Broadband wavelength filter device using sidewall grating for filtering optical signals", App. No. - PCT/IN2017/050403.
1. Parimal Sah, and Bijoy Krishna Das. " Photonic Bandpass Filter Characteristics of Multimode SOI Waveguides Integrated with Submicron Gratings ", Applied Optics, Vol 57, No 11 (2018).
2. Parimal Sah, and Bijoy Krishna Das. "Integrated Optical Rectangular-Edge Filter Devices in SOI." Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol 35, No 2 (2016).
3. B K Das, N Das Gupta, S Chandran, S Kurudi, Parimal Sah et. al. Silicon Photonics Technology: Ten Years of Research at IIT Madras, Asian Journal of Physics, Vol. 25, No 7 (2016), 923-955.
Conference Attended (National/International)
1. Parimal Sah, "Demonstration of Resonance Splitting in Near l/4 Phase-Shifted DBR Cavity Integrated withbMultimode SOI Waveguide", Photonics 2018, IIT Delhi, India.
2. Parimal Sah, "Multiple BraggWavelengths in DBR integrated with multimode SOI waveguide and their Iterative Computation", OSI-ISO 2018, IIT Kanpur, India.
3. Parimal Sah and Bijoy Krishna Das, "Integrated Optical /4 Phase-Shifted High-Q DBR Cavity in Silicon-On-Insulator", International Conference on Advances in Optics and Photonics-2017.
4. Parimal Sah, and Bijoy Krishna Das. "Broadband wavelength lter device using a sidewall grating in multimode SOI Rib waveguide." Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC), 2017. IEEE, 2017.
5. Sumi R, Parimal Sah, and B.K. Das, "Integrated 1D Photonic Crystal Devices with SOI Waveguides", Symposium on Photonic Crystal: 30 Years of Photonic Crystals - the Indian Scenario, IIT Kanpur, 21-23 September 2017
6. B.K. Das, R.K. Gupta, Parimal Sah and S Chandran, "Novel wavelength lter devices in SOI for optical interconnect applications", in ICMAT 2017 (18-23 June 2017 Invited talk)
7. B.K. Das, S. Chandran, Parimal Sah, and R.K. Gupta, "Novel wavelength lter devices in SOI for sensing applications", 13th International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics, IIT Kanpur, India, 4-8 December 2016 (Invited Talk, Paper- Tu2F.2)
8. B. K. Das, S. Chandran, R. Sidharth, S. Kaushal, and Parimal Sah, Nanoscale Tolerance for Silicon Optical Interconnect Devices", National Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NS&NT - 2014), 18-19 September 2014, CRNN, University of Calcutta, Kolkata (Invited Talk)
Optical Society of Americva
Awards and Honors
2nd Prize in Best Oral presentation at OSI-ISO 2018, IIT Kanpur, India.
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