About Civil Engineering



About the Department

Civil Engineering Department was started in 1960 in our Institute. Initially the College was established at Barari but in 1970 a new building was constructed and the institute was shifted to the present location at that time. At that time the student’s intake was only 30. Few year back intake was increased up to 60 students. Present intake of the department is 120.Civil Engineering deals with the engineering aspect of improving the quality of public life. Since its inception our mission has been to produce such engineers who understand their key role as Civil Engineer in construction and development of infrastructure of the nation.

In our department we have total ten teachers who are well qualified and having specialization in different fields of civil engineering. Subject related to structure analysis, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, environmental and hydraulics engineering are taught here. It is observed that student having high ranking in competitive exam preferred to take civil engineering in our institute.

We not only impart theoretical knowledge of the subjects but here students are practically trend in different laboratories. As we know practical knowledge is essential for an engineer to become successful in the career. Practical knowledge provides them hands on experience, help improve problem solving skills and enhances their understanding of industry regulations, we have well equipped labs and well experienced instructors who help the students in labs work.

Besides academic activities teachers are involved in consultancy works also which is a source of internal revenue generations. Considerable amount is generated through consultancy annually which used in academic development works of institute.